Custom Design Services

Logo Design

Creating a logo for your company is a significant step towards unique identity development. My education in graphic design and many years experience allows me to create the logo that best describes your company type, giving you the power to succeed.

Business Identity

A Business Identity is more than a logo. It includes business cards, letterheads, brochures and presentations, annual reports and other business documents and marketing materials. Your Business Identity must be relevant to your target market and it should fit your company business plan. I work to create an accurate representation of your business’ character and values, helping you to market more effectively.

Website Design

Choosing a right design for your company’s website can be a difficult task. I have over 10 years of experience of designing websites where I use such techniques as usability, simple and easy functionality, targeting particular to the company audience, and making your website searchable and reachable (SEO).


Digital photography opened great possibilities to everybody with a new era of digital photo cameras. Taking pictures is less or more easy because most of the cameras have ready presets for different scenes. However, editing photographs is a highly complicated process. I’ve worked in publishing agency and had extensive experience in photo-retouching and color adjustments. As well, I’m a photographer and often I use my own pictures for new designs.


View the development of an idea from initial pencil sketch to line drawing, to full color illustration. Allow ideas for your own projects and business usage to flow freely ‚ no matter how off the wall. Cartoons and illustrations catch the attention of your customers, visitors and business associates. Illustrations are perfect form of visual information. It can be as a digital drawing created in Adobe Illustrator or an original drawing using mixed media such as color pencils, ink, watercolors, pastels, and other.

Cartoon Characters

Funny character branding is a great idea that can help your company’s business in promoting products more effectively. Exclusive cartoon characters are very memorable and recognizable and that is why so many big successful companies are using them as mascot symbols.

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